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Elevate Your Marketing Career: 6 Ways to Invest in You
We believe that each of us can take the reins of your career and make them in what you want them to be. Those who have worked in marketing for a long time have likely been in situations where you have simply taken direction from others to “create that brochure” or “make it pretty.”

But, your value is far greater than that. And, yes, you likely know that intrinsically, but how do you show others? How do you elevate yourself in your Marketing career– and, by proxy, your peers – so people know the value of you as a professional.

Consider the people you work with as their own persona
As a marketer, you are (hopefully) always keep your prospects and customers front and center in everything you do. But are you doing this with people you work with? Are you considering what your coworkers care about?

You’ll be perceived as valuable if you are valuable to that person.

Consider the key people you work with. This includes everyone from management where you need to get buy-in and support to the tech team who can help you implement and the team members you need to work with.

TRY THIS: People like to communicate in different ways. The more you can learn about people and customize your approach, the more receptive they will be to your ideas – and the more valuable you’ll be perceived.

Can you answer these questions for these key individuals?

  • How are they challenged – and how can you alleviate some of the pain?
  • How do they define success – and how can you contribute to this?
  • Do they prefer details or high-level info?
  • Do they prefer information via email, phone call, or meeting?
  • How often do they like to hear from you – regularly or as changes and challenges arise?

Have a quick explanation for what you do
Have you ever gotten that quizzical look when you try to explain what you do every day? Or do people think they know what you do but really have no idea?

You may think it doesn’t really matter if people know what you do, but if they don’t understand what you do, they certainly aren’t going to value you. Or, worse yet, they may think they know what you do but are wrong – and they really underestimate your value.

TRY THIS: Create an elevator pitch to explain to people what you do – and how you help the organization and its customers. You can practice a short five-sentence / 10-second version and a longer version of about a minute. Try it in front of a mirror and don’t forget to smile!

Rethink how you present info
Probabilities are, you are collecting a lot of data (actually a lot), and if you are like many other people then you love spread sheets. While one instinct is to share all of these charts and metrics to prove your value, you may be doing more harm than good.

TRY THIS: Think about what data you present to which groups in the organization – and how you present it. Use a visualizer to prepare all of the data you show to clients. This ensures that clients will better understand the results and they actually enjoy getting involved in these meetings.

Become a more confident speaker
Along the same lines of considering what data you present and the format you use, you also should think about how you present yourself. Are you comfortable speaking to people from all parts of the organization?

We all know that seasoned speakers who have this way of explaining information in an entertaining and straightforward way (TED speakers are a great place to look for inspiration). But what about actively putting yourself out there and honing a new side of yourself?

Even if you aren’t delivering formal speeches, spending time reflecting on how you present yourself and challenging yourself to be better will only make you more confident in any situation.

TRY THIS: join a local Toastmasters group. There are quite allot in and surround Amsterdam. Probably you will be surprised at how much you can learn from not only watching people deliver speeches but – even more so – hearing the evaluators critique the speakers.

Embrace what you do well – but understand all parts of the business
Each and every one of us has one or a set of talents that we need to embrace. What is that thing that comes naturally to you that makes you feel exhilarated? Be the go-to person for that.

But, at the same time, don’t be so focused that you forget about other aspects of the business and how your skills fit into the bigger picture.

TRY THIS: If you are feeling pigeonholed into your expertise, become a “buttinsky” and insert yourself into meetings and conversations. Don’t just jump into how you can help or spray people with your ideas, but remember your role is to learn as much as you can.

Continue to refine your personal brand
Whether we like it or not, each of us has a personal brand that exists online. While branding may not feel important unless you are actively looking for your next career move, remember that you never know when your next move may be and what opportunity awaits.

TRY THIS: Search for your name online and see what others see. Is this how you want to be perceived? If you don’t like how your personal brand appears, consider what you can change so your presence feels more like “you.”

A happy side benefit
Don’t wait for change to happen in your organization. Each and every one of you – no matter your role – can start to make that change. Regardless of what happens in your career, you’ll be happier and will be perceived as more valuable to the organization.

Not only will rethinking how you approach and elevate your marketing career help you be seen as more valuable to the business, but constantly learning and challenging yourself naturally leads to happiness. And learning doesn’t need to be relegated to your work, either. Maybe you are trying a new hobby or are learning a new sport. What are you going to challenge yourself to learn? How are you going to become a better version of you?

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