Environmental Branding trend

Environmental Branding continues to trend

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Environmental Branding continues to trend
From enriching the office space to encouraging collaboration, many companies are experiencing benefits beyond adding a splash of colour to the office. Environmental Branding describes a multitude of design elements making their appearance in the hippest, hottest work spaces of the decade. It’s a very creative way to communicate what a company stands for to new and even existing staff and external clients. This can be done in a direct way through mission statements and values or a more subtle approach in visual communication to help create the culture.

The benefits of Environmental Branding
Environmental Branding challenge marketers to understand the implications for a company brand. They present graphic designers a unique canvas to share a company story. In many cases, installations foster team-building as ideas are crowdsourced from different departments.

This unique approach delivers increased sales, customer recognition, differentiation and higher perceived value from investors. Internal benefits include higher employee satisfaction and retention, increased productivity and a better understanding of firm mission, vision and values. The incorporation of a company’s brand into the workplace is an effective design strategy that physically expresses a company’s culture and increases brand awareness.

Graphics are part of an overall marketing strategy/plan
Each year, companies allocate budgets to promote their brand through external media like advertising, packaging, and web marketing, yet they often fail to grasp the value of reinforcing the brand experience through a very important channel – their workspace.

But in today’s brand-rich world, Environmental Branding is no longer optional, “Environmental branding helps articulate a clear message, image and voice of the company in your branded space to help inform, align and educate employees and clients – just as much as your website or brochure would,”

Environmental Branding is an obvious choice for companies that host clients in their own space often, and whose main base of employees comes to the space daily to work.

An Environmental Branding campaign can enliven a brand that previously did not connect with customers or employees.

Those employees may need motivation and to reconnect emotionally with your brand. With a limited amount of time to do that, companies should take advantage of every opportunity to reinforce their mission, vision and brand proposition.

Environmental Branding – an important part of the marketing mix.
Branded spaces are a critical tool for spreading knowledge. From a historical timeline (where the brand came from) to the mission, vision and values (where the company is headed), it helps your customers and employees see it, understand it, believe it and live it.

Since the work space becomes a way to show and share who you are as an organization, it’s a great tool to use in campaigns or website photo’s. But also to grab attention and create engagement by sharing them on social media channels.

It builds passion – and heart – around your brand. If you tell the right story in an engaging format, they will care.

Will the Environmental Branding trend continue?
Environmental Branding is here to stay – at least for the foreseeable future.  As time goes by, we will see more organizations opting for a display of environmental consciousness with their work place design. It is becoming an expected philosophy.

The world is changing and corporations must rethink how they do business: how they manage their company, where and when they convene workers, generational differences in the workforce, the impact of technology on the workplace, and the manner in which work is done.

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