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2018 is all about innovative transitions around the office and this is not only because you want to improve employees’ productivity and business results. It goes far beyond that! It’s time to start embracing these changes whether you are a small start-up or a big multinational.

#1     Businesses choose to work with freelance workers instead of in-house staff. Why? First of all because of a financial advantage. It’s cheaper to hire a freelancer because they don’t expect to get health insurance, a retirement plan or other benefits in-house staff expects to receive. More and more people decide to start a career in freelance, this means that the access to more Talents for businesses is growing. Employees are no longer limited by distance, time commitment or other factors that will keep them from finding the perfect candidate for the job.

#3         Increasing a work-life balance for your employees is the next trend, which is connected to trend number two. Personal wellness is one of the mayor focuses for many employees as the everyday job pressure is increasing. People ask for facilities and in-house programs which makes it possible for them to recharge throughout the workday. They feel like they need to unwind their brains and bodies instead of being chained to a desk all day from 9am till 5pm. As a business owner it’s important to listen to your people, so you avoid burnouts and keep your Talents from leaving. Group meditation, a Ping-Pong table, catering for lunch, relaxing break rooms, communal spaces, team-building events or funny staff challenges are a few examples of initiatives which are proven to work.

#4         Higher diversity rates and social inclusion, it’s time for businesses to recognizes underrepresented groups in the workplace. Racial, ethnic, gender and LGBTQ minorities need to be involved an treated equally in order to create a diverse team with mutual respect and fellowship. In order to create a more inclusive situation, businesses have to confront social biases and systemic issues (like the wage gap) and start engaging different voices and viewpoints. Not just because businesses can no longer deny the current composition of society but also because more diversity has proven to increase the growth in productivity and profitability.

#5         Flexible hours and workspaces are essential as many people want to pursue both a family and a career. A nine-to-five schedule has been the way to go for a long time but now a days businesses give their people the possibility to have flexible hours and sometimes even remote work locations. What the interpretation of this ‘Flex-working’ may be, it’s all about employees wanting to have freedom in their schedule.

#6         Automation and technology is taking over most offices spaces. A mobile device offers efficiency and comfort, however, automation is replacing the need of people in certain job parts. In the HR profession there are several tools to automate and speed up certain activities which used to be done manually. These tools have many different benefits; saving time and money is one of the most important once.

#7         Preventing sexual harassment by restructuring management dynamics that have caused harassment or abuse of power in the past. Gender inequality and sexual inappropriate behaviour has been present in the office culture for a while now. A poll in America has revealed that around 70% of the reported cases of sexual harassment have been taken place at the office. Examples of measures that can be taken are: offering male employees a training to exercise appropriate boundaries, creating policies that protect women’s legal rights and making conversations about gender equalities easily accessible. This to make sure that the male-dominated ideologies no longer dominate the workplace.

These trends of flexibility, equality and protection are key to become successful, whatever business you might have. The conclusion is that for most people it’s about more than getting paid. People need to feel comfort, engaged and need to feel like their self-accomplishment are align with their values in life.

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